John Gateley

Projects and Puzzles

The Master Bookkeeper
Easy library access, remembering your preferences and history for improved searches, using Overdrive and Django.
Contact me for a beta account if interested.
The Master Logkeeper
Work in progress: experimenting with smarter log readers to predict issues, specifically for Postfix and Dovecot.
Linode DNS
Using YAML to store DNS configuration, and Linode's DNS API to update that configuration, performing only the changes needed.
YADB: CD metadata database
A crowd-sourced self-correcting CD meta-data (title, artist, track info) database.

Favorite Puzzles
Infinite Buckets of Ping Pong Balls
The mathematics of infinity. Part III is my own contribution.
Fun with C/C++ Arrays
(call/cc call/cc)
Scheme's call/cc is the source of many puzzles, this is one of the shortest.